...improving your quality of life

At LifePort, we Design, Develop and Deploy resources, projects and programs that will help fulfill our vision of improving the quality of life of not just members of the LifePort community, but of every one under our physical and virtual influence and help them connect to a new zest of life.  We are a society impacting, mulitethinc and multigenerational community that keeps improving our quality of Life. At LifePort, you meet new friends, as we are open to receive you just as you are as we encourage you towards becoming the best “YOU”. We value authenticity over formality! We are a faith community of friendly and happy people who have discovered the joy of the practical Christian lifestyle as we work towards becoming a positive influence in our society. When you join LifePort, you have the opportunity to use your gifts, talents, creativity and initiatives, as we help you to take your life to the next level and help you become relevant in/to life. In the last three years, over 1000 people had come under the direct one-on-one physical influence (and over 100,000 through online deployment) of resources and projects designed, developed and deployed by LifePort . On this website you will find some of the various resources and projects we have been involved with.

Life Discovery Gathering (LDG) is the LifePort Community weekend gathering held 9am-10:30am every Sunday featuring Life-Talk which is open to everybody with periodic theme focused on improving the quality of life of our community and other attenders. LDG also serves as our Church here to read more


FeedDFuture Projects - The focus of the FeedDFuture project is to provide meals for students   (universities and other higher institution of learning) irrespective of socio-cultural or religious background, who occasionally or at one time or the other do not have an idea where their next meal will come from. Our current pilot project site at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria was inaugurated on 28th August 2016. The #FeedDFuture Project has given out over 500 LifePort Free Meal here to read more.

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iLEAD -Integration-Leadership-Entrepreneurship-Advocacy & Development, is a LifePort initiative which is geared towards initiating a paradigm shift for wholesome communities by providing training, resources, support group and mentorship with special focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and capacity development. We have sentiments for young people – pre-campus, in-campus, graduates & young here to read more