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FeedDFuture Project - this is a LifePort initiative, and  the focus of this project is to provide meals for students  (universities and other higher institution of learning) irrespective of socio-cultural or religious background, who occasionally or at one time or the other do not have an idea where their next meal will come from. #FeedDFuture Project is focused on reducing the number of students who go to bed hungry every day, helping them to focus more on their academic endeavours instead of worrying about their next source of meal. Our current pilot project site at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria was inaugurated on 28th August 2016. To reduce operational cost, student volunteers, provide administrative structure for the project on campus. The #FeedDFuture Project has given out over 500 LifePort Free Meal Ticket. The FeedDFuture project has concluded plans to extend operations outside campus by providing breakfast once a week for those who will need at the 20/20 Cafe Tent, LifePort Hub before the end of April 2019.