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iLEAD -Integration-Leadership-Entrepreneurship-Advocacy & Development, is a LifePort initiative which is geared towards initiating a paradigm shift for wholesome communities by providing training, resources, support group and mentorship with special focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and capacity development. We have sentiments for young people – pre-campus, in-campus, graduates & professionals.

Our 5 Core Areas/Faculties: (a). Integration (Gender, Youth, Girl-child Mainstreaming, Participatory, etc), (b). Leadership, (c). Entrepreneurship (d). Advocacy  and

(e). Development (Personal, Community and Institutional)


a. Campus Young Leaders Summit

b. High-School Young Leaders Summit

c. Young Leaders Mentoring Confab

d.  Leadership& Entrepreneurship Girls Summit (LEGS)– Helping girls unlock their leadership & entrepreneurial potentials. At LEGS we design, develop and deploy programs, projects and initiatives that will expose, educate and motivate girls (high school and undergraduate) towards developing potentials and exploring possibilities in the area of Leadership and entrepreneurship.