#FeedDFuture Project... Students in the University are the closest shot any society has into its future. These students in a few years will become directly functional in various aspects and strata of the society and in no time climb up the corporate, political, religious, entrepreneurship etc ladder to hold leadership portfolios and become great influence in the society. For these students, the period of studying in the university come with a lot of economic challenges in which some students who are able to struggle to pay up their tuition and other related fees still struggle to feed. Some go for a few days without any reasonable meal. These in turn affect their ability to comprehend their studies.

At LifePort, we strongly believe food should not be a source of concern or worry to students as this can divert creative energy and mental power that ought to be directed towards academic endeavour. They were hungry and thirsty. They began to lose hope1.

Hence, LifePort, Nigeria, initiated the #FeedDFuture Project to provide meals for students (universities and other higher institution of learning) irrespective of socio-cultural or religious background, who occasionally or at one time or the other do not have an idea where their next source of meal will come from. The pilot #FeedDFuture Project was  launched on 28th August 2016 at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, from where we hope to take this project to other Universities in Nigeria and Africa. To reduce the associated administrative cost for the #FeedDFuture Project, we keep recruiting volunteers so that at least 90% of all resources allocated to the #FeedDFuture Project will be used for the primary aim of the project – Food for students who may be faced with the occasional challenge of feeding while in school.

#FeedDFuture Project is focused on reducing the number of students who go to bed hungry every day, helping them to focus more on their academic endeavours instead of worrying about their next source of meal

Thinking of how you can be a part of the #FeedDFuture Project?

- If you are a student of Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy, you can access the project. Contact the Project Co-ordinator for details

- Volunteer as a #FeedDFuture Project Ambassador. Click here to download Volunteer Application Form, fill and submit to Faculty of Pharmacy, Room 228 (Top Floor - ask of Mr Matthew Oluwaniyi)

-Thinking of other ways to be a part of #FeedDFuture Project or improve on the project delivery, please contact OAU Campus Project Co-ordinator 08150296127 (sms/Whatsapp)

iLEAD - Initiative for Leadership Entrepreneurship And Development (A LifePort Project)...  iLEAD - Initiative for Leadership Entrepreneurship And Development, is geared towards providing training, resources, support group and mentorship for young people, most especially students, with special focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and capacity development. 

We have sentiments for young people – pre-campus, in-campus, graduates & professionals.

Our 5 Core Areas/Faculties: (a). Integration (Gender, Youth, Girl-child Mainstreaming, Participatory, etc), (b). Leadership,

(c). Entrepreneurship (d). Advocacy  and

(e). Development (Personal, Community and Institutional)


a. Campus Young Leaders Breakfast Summit

b. High-School Young Leaders Breakfast Summit

c. Young Leaders Mentoring Confab

d. Campus Leaders League

e. High School Leaders League

f.  Leadership& Entrepreneurship Girls Summit (LEGS)– Helping girls unlock their leadership & entrepreneurial potentials.

Since the inception of iLEAD, (December 2016),  over 500 student leaders have benefited from trainings and subsequent leadership mentoring through Campus Young Leaders’ Summit & Breakfast, Campus Leaders League, High School Young Leaders’ Summit & Breakfast and High School Leaders League. See below picture roll from past iLEAD events.